Hugh Hart Online

Greetings Otis Legacy students. Here's a sampling of web journalism that demonstrates various ways of packaging information in a friendly, interactive fashion, Happy hunting.

Wizard Chef video profie
Images of the chef's work and workplace enhance what would otherwise be a fairly static talking head interview. Downside: Lots of editing time is needed to intercut different bits of footage into a seamless whole.

Astro Boy image gallery
Here's an example of how text and pictures can be organized to present a behind-the-scenes look at the artist's creative process.

Astro Boy video interview
Notice how this straight-forward talking head interview with actress Kristen Bell gets enhanced with clips from the movie.

Robot Sculpture
The New York Times added web value to my profile of interactive designer Christian Moeller by linking to videos of the artist's wigged-out work.

Design Auteurs
This Los Angeles Times story I wrote last year is archived as text only. You could really go to town illustrating this piece with samples of the artist-designers' works.

MoMA has a state-of-the-art site focused on art and design. Right now, they've got text, images and video of Ron Arad.

The mothership for my day-to-day web journalism: Winner of 2009 Webby Award for Outstanding Writing, the site is nominated with New York Times, Washington Post and BBC for the Online Journalism "General Excellence" Award and attracts 11.5 million unique visitors monthly.

Here's Underwire, the pop culture blog that I contribute to. We iniclude text, still photos, video, audio and viewer feedback into our coverage of movies, TV and art.

Otis Legacy YouTube clip of Milford Zornes puts the camera where it belongs: on a face that's loaded with character.

Twitter Mind Feeds the Beast. For my John Mayer video interview, still being edited, I used Twitter to solicit people questions for the singer-sonwriter. I actually got a couple of intelligent suggestions!

To the right is a ton of websites that showcase creative approaches to information design.