FOOT SOLDIER (Hugh Hart / copyright 2004)


I will (can) creep and i (can) will crawl 

While you rule from / (dither) down the hall

Kissing your ass with great aplomb OR

I will kiss your ass with great aplomb

But one day (suddenly) you'll -- be -- history to me, see


I don’t want be a foot soldier

I don’t want to be your army

Never gonna lie . .

Face down in the mud, below

Your bloody heel, don't call me your little foot soldier


You can't stop us!


Smiling like a marionette

No one sees my bayonette

While I swallow your command

I'm cutting your cost, boss, can't you understand, man


I don’t wanna be a foot soldier

I don’t wanna join your army

Never gonna cry

Face down in the muck

Below your grimy thumb



There's your brain trust hacking away

all the better (getting ready to) to serve me

Once I have them under my sway

I'll get the credit, and you'll get the blame

Boy  you’re gonna die a miserable death

You're hemorrhaging cash, you're short of breath  - adios!


Time is running out you know

One of us has got to go

Shred my memo if you dare

I'm takin' your love, cash, respect...

Enjoy it while you can, man

Can't you understand, man


I don't wanna be a foot soldier

I don't wanna be your patsy

you are gonna die

(I am gonna fly)

once i make my kill, we'll dance on

Your grave

I don't wanna be a

Dime a dozen lame brain looooser

Don't call me, your little

Bomb ticking, nit picking, (ass kissing) boot licking

Foot soldier