KEEPER OF THE FLAME (Hugh Hart / copyright 2004)


Look out the window

Roll up the blind

Stare down the wreckage

See what you find


Over there, a sweet bird

You wanna call out his name

You gotta dig a little deeper for

The keeper of the flame

- - -

Open the floodgate

Tear out the floor

Unveil the damage

Unhinge the door


Feeling so much cheaper

You wanna know who to blame

Tou better drill a little deeper

To the keeper of the flame

- - - BRIDGE - - -

Bathe my bitter heart

Break me in two

Shine your hattered light

Show me how

I apologize

I’ll make it right

To you


- - -


You wanna stand beside her

You wanna stay in the game

You better burn a little brighter

For the keeper of the flame

Across the fruited plain

She's flickering through the rain

Throw some fire  my way

Oh yeah

Keeper of the flame