WHO WANTS TO SCREW ME NOW? (Hugh Hart / copyright 2004)


Who wants to screw me now?

Who wants to take a bow?

Money is oozing like mud from a ditch

Don't be a sucker, play a long we all get rich I

Never committed fraud

Trust me my hand to God

Shred the memo, call the limo, hire the best one

Book a flight to Haiti while I dodge the question

Who wants to screw me


Na na na na na na

Now you're gonna pay

La la la la la la

Lawsuits every day 


Weasels say anything to save their own asses

Whatever happened to loyalty?

They treated me like royalty!


I never harmed a soul

I may have borrowed but I never stole

I'm so charmin' I'll disarm entire juries

Put me on the witness stand I got no worries

Who wants to screw me

Nobody, if they only knew me

Who wants to screw me now?


- - - END - - -