TONE ME DOWN (Hugh Hart / copyright 2004)


I’m new to this


I came to you with a brain

Two months ago, I signed

Now (it) seems as though

You're trying to

Tone me down

Put your head here, (right here) right away (do it now)

Grind me into a dull grey powder



You got the mule

On track

Addicted to


Afraid to speak my mind

Mute through the week, resigned you

Tone me down

Tune me out til I hit your radar

I wanna fly as a true team player

Pass me the beer and I'll cheer you

Rah rah rah

Sis boom fucking bah



Everybody gets their dime, in time, you climb greasy flagpole


Talkin to a mini cassettes, you'll regret who you met in this hell hole



Tone me down, tune me out til I make you’re A list - soon I'll become a sadist 


Tone me down, please

Play along

Look the other way

The numbers don't apply

You're going to hang me out to dry . . .

Tone me down

Tone me do-ow-own

Tone me down

Tone me do-ow-own