Wedge: Bio
Bass man Harrison Robinson, drummer Jeff Thomas, Hugh, and wildman guitarist J.D Dragus in the baseball cap. Photo: Albert Richardson
First came Huge Hart, Planet Hugh, Magnificent Seven and the ODD. Then Hugh picked up a guitar, wrote a new raft of tunes and in 1994 put together Wedge.

In 1994, he joined up with drummer Jeff Thomas, the ace session player, guitarist J.D. Dragus, formerly of the Wildroots, and bassist Harrison Robinson, an alumnus of Vanessa Davis' hard driving R & B band.

Wedge tightened up at Double Door, Lounge Ax and other top Chicago clubs, then recorded 11 songs at Rax Trax Record. The resulting album earned rave reviews from The Chicago Reader, College Music Journal and others. The "Wedge" debut record made CMJ's top ten most added album list in April 1996.