Computer Chess Takes Droll Look at Nerd Culture 02-11-thru-02-15-13

Computer Chess Takes Droll Look at Nerd Culture 02-04-thru-02-08-13

Video: What If Homeland Were a 16-Bit JRPG?
Oz The Great and Powerful: See the Superbowl Preview Teaser
Exclusive Look: Amazing Movie Posters From Mondo’s New Gallery Show 01-28-thru-02-01-13

Steve Wozniak Respond to Their Depictions in jOBS Trailer
3D-Printed Iron Throne Smartphone Dock Rings True for Game of Thrones Fans
Infographics: Charting Hollywood's Odd Obsession With Orange and Teal 01-21-thru-01-25-13

Create Your Own Star Wars Alter Ego at 'Identities' Show
See a Real-Life Mario Kart Race Complete With RFID Bananas, Power-Ups
Watch the Entirety of Toy Story as a Live-Action Remake 01-14-thru-01-18-13

How ILM Built the Best Hulk Ever for The Avengers (And Earned an Oscar Nom)
Portal: No Escape Director Snags Y: The Last Man Movie
Fringe Art Show Celebrates Finale With Fan Masterpieces
Netflix Takes a Gamble on 8 Warner Bros. TV Shows 01-05-thru-01-10-13

Snowpiercer Concept Art Hints at Breakout Sci-Fi Spectacle
Exclusive Video: Everything Wrong with Prometheus 12-24-thru-01-04-13


Video: Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises in Three Minutes 12-24-thru-12-28-12

Sherlock, Fringe Among 2012's Best TV Shows
Call of Duty Scores #1 YouTube Trailer of 2012, Beating Dark Knight Rises
Crowdsourced Cinema: Now You Can Pick What Plays at Your Local Theater
New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Booms With Doom 12-17-thru-12-21-12

Hollywood Script 'Black List' Opens Doors to Aspiring Screenwriters
Pop Culture Grab Bag: Wired's 2012 Entertainment Giveaway
Is Star Trek Into Darkness Baddie John Harrison Connected to Khan?
Review: The Hobbit Is Insanely Gorgeous at 48 Frames per Second 12-10-thru-12-14-12

Japanese Jack Reacher Trailer Puts Tom Cruise in Muscle Car Mode
Smaug Alert: New Hobbit Preview Gives a Glimpse of Dragon 12-03-thru-12-07-12

Incoming Jets Animate Atlanta Airport's Epic Data-Driven Sculpture
Wired Design 11.30.12

Video: Sci-Fi Teaser 2088 Criminalizes Robot Thugs 11-23-thru-11-30-12

Iron Sky Team Crowdsources Alien Designs for Jeremiah Harm
Tarantino XX Blu-ray Box Bundles Film Geek's Greatest Hits - Wired
Hitchcock Shows 6 Ways Psycho Slashed Hollywood's Rule Book 11-12-thru-11-16-12

Video: Oz The Great and Powerful Lands in Spectacular Emerald City
Meet PES, the Stop-Motion Genius Who Turns Grenades Into Fresh Guacamole 11-12-thru-11-16-12

Movie Studio as Brand Manager: Lucasfilm Bulks Up Disney's Bench
Review: Hot 'Geeks' Act Like Fools in 'Realitu' Soap Start-Ups: Silicon Valley 10-29-12-thru-11-02-12

Sign Painters Get Their Close-Ups as Masters of Hand-Brushed Design
Wired Design 10.29.12

Three-View Review: Cloud Atlas Swirls With Ambition
Creators of Shadow Cabal Pitch Game of Thrones-Style TV Fantasy
DIY Monster Maker Shares Haunting Secrets in The American - Wired 10-22-12-thru-10-27-12

Peter Jackson Paves the Way for Fast Frame Cinema
DGA Quarterly Fall 2012

True Skin Sci-Fi Short Nails That Blade Runner Vibe
Taking a Cue From The X-Files, Spy Thriller Hunted Keeps Things Complex
Smell Me Artist Transforms Body Odor Into Olfactory Self-Portrait
Video Premiere: 50 Years On, Skyfall Trumpeter Still Blasting James Bond Theme 10-15-12-thru-10-20-12

Review: CIA Plays the Hero for a Change in White-Knuckle ThrillerArgo
Review: Tim Burton's Freaky Heart Beats in Frankenweenie
Seven Psychopaths Poster Giveaway: See Tom Waits as a Bunny 09-30-12-thru-10-12-12

Review: Fringe Sets up its Farewell - - From the Future
Review: Homeland Probes Post-Traumatic Spy Syndrome
Mars Attacks Giveaway: Bubble Gum Sci-Fi Art Spills Alien Gore
Hugh Jackman Flexes Claws in First Wolverine Movie Shot 09-23-12-thru-09-28-12

Bond 50 Giveaway: Snag Massive Blu-ray Box Set Celebrating Half-Century of 007
The Master Elegantly Dissects Cult Psychosis
Review: In Revolution, Post-Apocalypse Looks Like a Swashbuckle in the Park 09-17-12-thru-09-21-12

Building Stories Chris Ware Creates 14-Piece Graphic Novel
Fast Company / Fast Co-Create 09.20.12

Beauty is Embarassing director Neil Berkeley Talks Up Puppet Master Wayne White
San Francisco Chronicle 09.16.12

NASA Footage Feeds Robot Tale in Short Film Robbie
Noomi Rapace Burns Through Brian De Palma's Passion Trailer
Video: See Laser-Firing Machines 'Mate' in Jaqapparatus1 09-10-12-thru-09-14-12

After Pee Wee and Smashing Pumpkins, Artist Wayne White Is Reborn
Wired Design 09.14.12

A Bionic Garden Grows in Brooklyn: Tracking Tomatoes Wirelessly at Feedback Farms
Wired Design 09.04.12

NASA Footage Feeds Robot Tale in Short Film Robbie
Noomi Rapace Burns Through Brian De Palma's Passion Trailer
Video: See Laser-Firing Machines 'Mate' in Jaqapparatus1 08-27-12-thru-09-09-12

Tesla's Revenge: Filmmakers Kickstart Electrifying Docudrama
Breaking Bad Art Project Cranks Up the Heat on Walter White
Noomi Rapace Burns Through Brian De Palma's Passion Trailer 08-20-12-thru-08-24-12

'The End Is Nigh' Poster Hypes Fantastic Fest Horror Offerings
Video: Pistol Clicks Become Killer Drum Sounds in Looper 08-13-12-thru-16-10-12

Bourne Legacy's Gene-Doped Superspies Aren’t as Far-Fetched as They Sound
Computer Viruses Can Kill in Ambitious Sci-Fi Web Series H+ 08-06-12-thru-08-10-12

Monstrous Animated GIFs Give Classic Creatures a Noir Look 07-28-12-thru-08-03-12

Designers Give Military Sites Extreme Makeover
Wired Design 08_01-12

Revolution's Blacked-Out Future World Won't Be a Dystopia
Fringe's Sci-Fi Crime Fighters Head Toward 'Bittersweet' Closure 07-21-12-thru-07-27-12

Triumph Chronicles Steampunk Adventures of Bombastic Lord Cockswain
Tim Burton Unspools New Frankenweenie Footage, Riffs on Nightmare Childhood
Sam Raimi Pulls Back the Curtain on Oz the Great and Powerful
Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight Rises Get Mondo-ized
First Footage of Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium Shows Earth as Sci-Fi Landfill
Shotguns, Wormholes Perforate Philip K. Dick-Inspired Looper
Tarantino Spills Antebellum Gore in Nerve-Wracking Django Unchained Sizzle Reel
Man of Steel Starts Superman Story All Over Again
An Unexpected Pleasure: Peter Jackson Unveils 12 Lush Minutes of The Hobbit 07-09-12-thru-07-14-12

First Robot & Frank Trailer Sketches Man-Bot Bond
Review: Bloody Serious Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Isn't as Fun as It Sounds
Review: How Andrew Garfield Spins Amazing Spider-Man Forward
Amazing Spider-Man's Lizard Fuses Ostrich, Alligator, Dragon
Win Dark Knight Book 06-22-12-thru-07-06-12

That's a Wrap! Composer Knits Scarves That Power a Piano
Wired/Design 07.02.12

MakerBot 3D Printer Streamlines Life for Broadway Scenic Designer Katie Hultgren
Wired/Design 06.25.12

Review: UFO Can't Save Screwball Comedy Extraterrestrial 06-15-12-thru-06-22-12

Origin of the Creepy Species, Prometheus-Style
Video: Amazing Spider-Man Dunks on a Jock
Why Breaking Bad and Walking Dead Might Go Black on Dish Network 06-08-12-thru-06-15-12

Aliens Attack: Fake Facebook Messages Hype TNT'S Falling Skies
Fast Company Co-Create 06-11-12

Review: Majestic Visuals Power Prometheus Through Big, Murky Ideas
With Prometheus, Ridley Scott Makes Sci-Fi Horrifyingly Believable Again
Hunger Games' 'District 12' Village Hits Auction Block 06-04-12-thru-06-08-12

Animation Woman

UW Grad Joins ABC and Goes On the Road With Romney
University of Wisconsin Magazine Summer 2012)

Game Designer Tom Hall Survives Stroke, Keeps Gaming
University of Wisconsin Magazine Summer 2012)

Modern Cartoonist Daniel Clowes Prefers Paper to iPad
James Bond Toughs It Out in First Skyfall Trailer
7 Most Intriguing TV Shows Coming This Fall 05-06-12-thru-05-28-12

New Spider-Man Trailer Spotlights Skyscraper Acrobatics, Lizard Villainy
The Avengers: Assemble Pays Tribute to Marvel’s Superteam
Gamma Ray Catharsis: Why Hulk Rips Up Audiences in The Avengers
Review: Sharp Wit Lifts Avengers Above Formulaic Action 04-30-12-thru-05-03-12

Beastie Boy Mike D. Drives Mercedes-Benz Transmission Art Show
Fast Company/ 04.24.12

Fast-Frame Hobbit Dangles Prospect of Superior Cinema, But Will Theaters Bite? 04-17-12-thru-04-22-12

Video: Beats Take Shape in Beeple's Candy-Colored Animation IV.10
Looper Trailer Lays Groundwork for Time-Traveling Hitmen Flick
Animated GIFs Paint Breaking Bad Characters in DayGlo Pixels
The Avengers Talk Candy, Booze and Hulk's Childlike Fury 04-09-12-thru-04-13-12

Vintage Photos Enter Spooky Afterlife as Animated GIFs 04-02-12-thru-04-06-12

Music Video: 8-Bit Rockers Jam Through Side-Scrolling Adventures in 'Dreamorama'
Hunger Games Star Shoots to Top of Action Heroine Hot List
Gallery: Sci-Fi Concept Artists Conjure Alien Eye Candy in Art of Control-Z 03-26-12-thru-03-30-12

Hunger Games Star Shoots to Top of Action Heroine Hot List
New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer Portrays Presidential Axe Slinger
Video: Manic Dubstep Mashup Puts Music to 50000 Sci-Fi and Horror
Terminator, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters Collide in Animated Short Film 03-19-27-thru-03-23-12

7 Pieces Of 'Damn Good' Creative Advice From '60s Ad Man George Lois
Fast Company / 03.23.12

Crowdsourced Movie Studio Creates a Bold New Kind of Sci-Fi
Ridley Scott Spills Sensational Prometheus Trailer, Teases Sequel
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Channels Bruce Willis in Time-Travel Thriller 03-12-27-thru-03-16-12

Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 82 Screens Vintage Sci-Fi, Action 03-05-12-thru-03-09-12

Hand-Cranked Camera Transports Londoners Back in Time
Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 82 Screens Vintage Sci-Fi, Action
Trailer: Zombies Attack Havana in Gory Juan of the Dead
See a Bit of Brad Pitt's Fave Sci-Fi Flick, War of the Gargantuas 02-27-thru-03-02-12

Nina Jacobson Describes Life as Hollywood Producer
Brown Alumni Magazine March/April 2012

Guillermo Del Toro to Produce Animated Day of the Dead
Wired's Oscar Picks, Where Math Nerds, Hackers and 3-D Spectacles Win
Exclusive: Animators Drop Stop-Motion Creatures Into Jungle Scenes 02-20-thru-02-24-12

Guillermo Del Toro to Produce Animated Day of the Dead
Wired’s Oscar Picks, Where Math Nerds, Hackers and 3-D Spectacles Win
Exclusive: Animators Drop Stop-Motion Creatures Into Jungle Scenes 02-20-thru-02-24-12

Trailer: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Slays in Slo-Mo
Dirt-Cheap iPhone Trick Captures Great Ape Close-Ups
In Life's Too Short, Famous Dwarf Tangles With Ricky Gervais 02-13-thru-02-17-12

Action Abounds in Amazing Spider-Man Sneak Preview
Sarah Palin Look-Alike Fends off Moon Nazis in New Iron Sky Trailer 02-06-thru-02-10-12

Giveaway: Win a Massive Transformers Blu-ray Bundle
Filmmakers Launch Campaign for Zombie Apocalypse Comedy 01-30-thru-02-03-12

Construct Your Own Country Music With Cheating Song Generator
Wired Magazine February, 2012

Giveaway: Win a Massive Transformers Blu-ray Bundle 01-23-thru-01-27-12

Convicts Escape Quantum Physics in Alcatraz, J.J. Abrams' Latest Wormhole Ride
Tim and Eric Unleash Filthy Billion Dollar Movie at Sundance 01-16-thru-01-20-12

Gas-Masked Warriors Fight Howlers in Sci-Fi Short Sons of Chaos
Steampunk GPS App Evokes Jules Verne Era 01-09-thru-01-13-12

c-299792-kilometers-per-second Sci-Fi Short
Geek Gives New England Home an Extreme Steampunk Makeover
2012's Most Tantalizing Movies 01-02-thru-01-06-12

TimeScapes' Tom Lowe Ventures Into the Wild
Fast Company 01.03.12

James Cameron, Hobbit Converge at 60 Frames Per Second
Wired Magazine January, 2012


First Prometheus Trailer Hits Us With Quick-Cut Sci-Fi Horrors
Review: Tintin Serves Up Indiana Jones-Style Adventure
Review: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Makes Data Collection Mesmerizing 12-19-thru-12-23-11

Review: Evil Genius Matches Wits With Sherlock Holmes in A Game of Shadows
Giveaway: 8 Great Gifts for the Geek Who Has Everything
Chimp Astronaut Spaces Out in 21st Amendment Brewery's ‘American Icon’ Artwork
Calling DIY Video Makers: Vimeo Festival + Awards Rides Again 12-12-thru-12-16-11

Trailer: Dork Trio Abuses Telekinetic Powers in Chronicle
Trailer: Lockout Lands Guy Pearce in Brutal Space Prison 12-05-thru-12-09-11

Steampunk Contraptions Take Over Tattoo Studio
Beyond Bond: Alt-Spy Dramas Swap Angst for Action 11-28-thru-12-02-11

Austere Scandanavian Filmmakers Quietly Master Suspense
Los Angeles Times 12.01.11

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Micro-Manages Tiny Crowd-Sourced Picture Book
L.A. Weekly 11.30.11

British YouTube Animator Goes Wild With Kitty City
Fast Company 11.28.11

With Hugo, Martin Scorsese Makes a Masterful 3-D Movie for the Ages 11-21-thru-11-25-11

Video: Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off Ridiculous Sherlock Holmes Disguise
Gallery: High Weirdness of Lowbrow Art (NSFW)
Trailer: Pixar Teases Brave's Wild Redhead 11-14-thru-11-18-11

Gallerist Billy Shire Celebrates 25 Years of Lowbrow Art at La Luz de Jesus Show
Los Angeles Times 11.18.11

Director Werner Herzog Examines Death Row Tragedy With Into The Abyss
Fast Company 11.11.11

Trailer: In Lost Interview, Steve Jobs Slams Microsoft's Lack of Taste
Gorgeous Cyborg Faces Assassins in Sci-Fi Short ROSA
Sci-Fi Short XXIT Gets Big Blade Runner Look From Small Camera
Gallery: 19 Insane Posters for Movies That May Never Exist 11-07-11 thru-11-11-11

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Heads for TheatersJames Cameron Labors Over '2.99-D' Conversion of Titanic
Video: Gore Runneth Over in Evil Dead Tribute
Win The Art of The Adventures of Tintin Book 10-30-11 thru-11-04-11

Gallery: Steampunk Workstation Is a Victorian Crapper for Keyboard Tappers
Trailer: Muppets Mock Paranormal, Twilight Sequels
New Poster Offers Brooding Vision of Jurassic Park
Joss Whedon Makes Shakespeare 10-23-11 thru-10-28-11

Gallery: Dark Lord Conquers Earth in Star Wars: The Complete Vader
Tweaking Fairy Tales to Suit Our Troubled Times
Sherlock Holmes Wears a Dress in New Game of Shadows Trailer 10-17-11 thru-10-21-11

Gallery: Butcher Kings Slaughter Pop Icons
Video: Hugo Is Martin Scorsese's 3-D Dream Come True
Barking Seals, Death-Metal Singer Give The Thing a Horrifying Voice
Iron Sky Comic Explains How Nazis Got to Moon
Mayhem, Hulk and Iron Man's Wit Fuel First Avengers Trailer
Review: Arty American Horror Story Spikes Fright Formula With Kinky Sex
Win Obsessed With Star Trek Talking Trivia Book
Zombie Fans: Win a Gore-Packed Walking Dead Book 10-03-thru-10-14-11

Marvel Lines Up 4 Post-Avengers Movies
Comin' At Ya! 3D Revival Dishes Out Spaghetti Western
Video: The Spooky Kids of Paranormal Activity 3
Zombie Fans: Win a Gore-Packed Walking Dead Book
International Festival Celebrates One-Minute Movies
The Adventures of Tintin Teaser Trailer Released
Terra Nova's Challenge: Make Humans as Extraordinary as Dinosaurs
Geek Goddess Zooey Deschanel Finds Smart Sitcom in New Girl 09-25-thru-09-30-11

Outcasts and Visionaries Populate Fall's Hottest New Books
In Drive, Deep Character Fuels Thrill of the Car Chase
Video: NSFW Movie Montage Tells You to 'Shut Up!' 100 Times
Geek Goddess Zooey Deschanel Finds Smart Sitcom in New Girl
Zombies Return in New Walking Dead Trailer 09-12-thru-09-23-11

6 Weird Places Star Trek Merch Has Boldly Gone
Gallery: Contagion Enters Virus-Cinema Hall of Fame | Underwire ...
Trailer: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Oozes Cold War Suspense
Video: Sherlock Holmes Joins Manic Thugs in Guy Ritchie Montage
Trailer: Spaniards Meet Flying Saucers In Extraterrestre 09-06-thru-09-09-11

So You Think You Can Design? Quirky Tests Amateur Inventors
Trailer: Freud, Jung and Keira Knightley Commandeer Cronenberg’s Dangerous Method
Caprica Creator Ron Moore Explores Old West With Hangtown

New In Time Trailer Details ‘Time Is Money’ Sci-Fi Facism 08-29-thru-09-02-11

Thelomeris Trailer: Mark Hamill’s Hungarian Steampunk Sci-Fi
Prehistoric Beasts Run Wild in Dinosaur Revolution
Maker TV: Entourage's Jeremy Piven Pitching Glassblower Reality Show
Gallery: Be Afraid of Guillermo Del Toro’s Dangerous Fairies 08-22-thru-08-26-11

Haven Weaves Characters' Tweets Into Supernatural Story
Gallery: Day of the Dead Inspires Star Wars Art
New Immortals Trailer Teases Ancient Bloodlust
Video: Lucas Till Raises Havok in X-Men: First Class
Artists Imagine Alien Sex in Strange Attractors Project
Photo: Tom Cruise Gets Serious for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Billy Dee Williams Explains Why Lando Betrayed Han 08-01-thru-08-19-11

Trailer: HBO Documentary Profiles Self-Taught Superheroes
Giveaway: Win the Original Manuscript of Machine Man
Exclusive Flashback: Psychedelic Animation of Ken Kesey's First Magic Trip on LSD
When Making Apes Into Movie Stars, It's All in the Eyes
Exclusive: New Apollo 18 Trailer Teases Lunar Drama 08-01-thru-08-05-11

Twilight Filmmakers Play Hardball With Alleged Leaker
Trailer: HBO Documentary Profiles Self-Taught Superheroes 07-25-11-thru-07-29-11

Henry Waltz Short Conjures Ingenious Steampunk Vistas
Trailer: Drive Doesn't Look Like Your Typical Chase Film
Cowboys & Aliens Blasts Into New Era of Extraterrestrial Mashups
Eye Candy: Artist Concocts Sugar-Charged Monsters 07-25-11-thru-07-29-11

Walking Dead Teaser Hypes Zombie Drama's New Season
Trailer for Nonexistent Five Senses Movie Courts Comic-Con Buzz
UFO Spotted in Darkest Hour 'Ball Lightning' Clip
Captain America Primes the Pump for Avengers
Comic-Con Women Wonder, What's a Sexy Geek?
Hail Caesar: Motion-Capturing Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Lead Simian 07-18-11-thru-07-22-11

Alphas Heroes Score With Slightly Above-Average Skills
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Finale Is 3-D Done Right
4-D Cinema Explores Shake, Rattle and Sniff Options
Fantastic Fest Preps Slate of 'Weirdest Films on earth'Inside Is 'First Interactive Social Horror Film Experience'
Mondo's Cult Posters Hit Big Time in Oscars Archive 07-11-11-thru-07-15-11

Win Cowboys & Aliens Slate Signed by Jon Favreau
Video: Luke Skywalker Turns Evil in Star Wars/Twilight Zone Mashup
Crazy4Cult Art Immortalizes Cult Movies 07-05-11-thru-07-08-11

LED Tree Sculpture Aurora Will Light Up Burning Man
History Adds Heft to Transformers: Dark of the Moon's Action Overkill
Tom Cruise Catapults Through New Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol Clip
Giveaway: Transformers Vault Raids Hasbro's Archive 06-27-11-thru-07-01-11

Trailer: Captain America Trains to Bash Nazis
Trailer: Survival Is the Only Goal in Indie Sci-Fi Sol
Mutant Insects, Animated Sci-Fi Invade ShortFest
Immortals Posters Show Off Greek Gods, Weird Helmets 06-20-30-thru-06-24-11

Review: Falling Skies' Aliens Can't Scare Up TV Chills
Trailer: First Look at Life in a Day's Global Snapshot
Report: Ben Affleck To Treat Actors as 'Hostages' to Prep for Argo
Review: In Green Lantern, Exposition Is a Supervillain
Video: Tree of Life Visualizes the Cosmos Without CGI
Video: Shanghai Worker Hits Office Dressed as Iron Man
U.K. Mutant Sci-Fi Series Misfits Is Coming to Hulu
Rooks 'Float' in New Harry Potter Chess Set 06-13-30-thru-06-17-11

J.J. Abrams Champions Sense of Mystery in Era of Information Overload
You Will Obey Shepard Fairey's They Live Poster
Trailer: Sane Woman Sees Ghosts in John Carpenter's The Ward (NSFW)
Thai Sculptor Transforms Scrap Parts Into Jumbo Autobots
Wands Have More Fun in New Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Posters
Sci-Fi TV Pilot 3% Hurls Brazilians Into Lord of the Flies Mode
Kevin Smith Casts Reality Show Set in Comic Book Store
Vintage Harry Potter Screen Tests Show Young Actors' Auditions
With Sci-Fi Thriller Super 8, J.J. Abrams Stays True to DIY Roots 06-06-30-thru-06-10-11

X-Men: First Class Shows 8 Ways to Beat the Reboot Jinx
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer: This Time It's Official
Like Clockwork: 40 Years of Ice-Cold Psychopaths
Flash Back to A Clockwork Orange's Eyeball-Torturing 'Aversion Therapy'
Leaked or Planted? Either Way, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer Nails Gloomy Vibe 05-30-thru-06-03-11

10 Books That Will Fry Your Mind This Summer
Daniel Radcliffe: Goodbye Harry Potter, Hello Broadway
Is Alien Intrigue Really a Soviet-Era Psyop?
Deadmau5 Asks Fans: Send Me Your (Fake) Heads
Action-Figure 007s Bicker in 'Battle of the Bonds' 05-21-thru-05-27-11

See Raquel Meyers' Bizarre Chiptune Music Videos (If You Dare)
Time Travel Auteur Nacho Vigalondo Goes Extraterrestrial
J.J. Abrams Brings Time-Warp Twist to Alcatraz Crime Show
Bitter Claymation Film Nabs Student Oscar Nomination 05-16-thru-05-20-11

Warning: Iron Sky's Moon Nazis Do Not Come in Peace
Trailer: Real Steel Robots Throw a Mean Punch
Trailer: Visioneers Shows Zach Galifianakis as Exploding Nerd
David Bowie, Artist Tracks Musical Chameleon's Career 05-09-thru-05-13-11

Strange Parallels: 4 Ways Fringe Tops Lost
As 3-D Hits Tipping Point, Filmmakers Face Polarizing Decisions
Trailer: Priest Pits Monk Against Vampires, Bats
See Ape Men Attack Jesse Eisenberg in 30 Minutes or Less 05-02-thru-05-06-11

Vitello's Celebrates Meatballs and Music 10 Years After Robert Blake Scandal
Studio City Patch 05.04.11

A Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary Clip Revisits 'Ultraviolence
Decepticons Ravage Chicago in New Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Super 8 Will Shake Up Some Moviegoers With 'Motion Effects
Science Scripts on Monster Squid, Marie Curie Get Funding Boost 04-25-thru-04-28-11

Iron Man Gets Steampunk Makeover by Toy Modder 04-18-thru-04-23-11

In Dark of the Moon Sneak Peek, 'Birdmen' Steal Transformers' Thunder
Game of Thrones Stays True to 'Brutal' Source Text
'Awesomest' Time-Suck Lands Spot on Webbys' Weird, Wonderful Nominees List 04-11-thru-04-15-11

Bourne Again: Rip-Roaring Hanna Refreshes Tired Thriller Formula ...
Win Hanna Prize Pack Inspired by Teen Assassin
Hacker Sitcom Breaking In Taps Espionage-Lite Trend 04-04-thru-04-08-11

Rubber's Psycho Tire Rolls Into Pantheon of Road Rage Cinema
Koga's Email Comic Gives Firsthand Account of Japan's Deadly
Exclusive: Source Code Animation Illustrates 'Many Worlds' Theory
Tron or Tron: Legacy? Win Both on Blu-ray
Camille Rose Garcia Dooms Snow White to DayGlo Nightmares
March 29, 1941: Radio Stations Shuffle Frequencies on 'Moving Day' 03-28-thru-04-01-11

Sucker Punch Star Jena Malone Strikes a Blow for Sexy Female Fighters
Kinect Hack Drives Echo Park's Viral Music Video
Win Sucker Punch Book Crammed With Sex 'n' Violence Concept Art
Video: Soldier-Bots Star in Sucker Punch-Inspired Animation
Video: Captain America Transforms From Punk to Hunk
Techie Chef Builds Weird, Beautiful Food in Quantum Kitchen
Trailer: Ra.One Teases Badass Bollywood Sci-Fi
From the Yellow Kid to Zippy, The Comics Salutes Historic Strips 03-21-thru-03-25-11

Video: Soldier-Bots Star in Sucker Punch-Inspired Animation
'Art Jockey' Gary Baseman Brings Zombie Girls, Unicorn Cats to SXSW
In Foo Fighters Movie, Rockers Revert to All-Analog Garage Band
Win Manga Impact! Encyclopedia of Wild Comic Book Art 03-14-thru-03-18-11

Alien War Story Battle: Los Angeles Can't Compete With Real Thing
Nerd-Fi, Spooky Art Flicks, Eccentric Docs: SXSW Film Fest's Great Unknowns
Source Code Director Duncan Jones Talks Life After Moon
Plumb Mysteries of Apollo 18 Document, Win a Wii
Museum-Goer as Caveman: Blink! Video Art Evokes Mystic Lure ofFire 03-07-thru-03-11-11

Adjustment Bureau's New Crew of Fate-Shapers Play Ancient Game
New Photos Reveal Captain America Villain Red SKull
Parallel Universes and Corpse Brains: Source Code Takes Science on a Trip
Win Adjustment Bureau Prize Pack That Flashes Back to Matt Damon's ...
Trailer: Surrogate Valentine Transforms Geek Into Heartthrob 02-28-thru-03-04-11

New Battle: Los Angeles Clip Points Shaky Cam at Soldiers, Dogs and Unseen Aliens
Rainn Wilson Faces Evil in New Super Poster
Release the Giant Cobra Robot: Bollywood's Big, New Global Bet on Sci-Fi
Trailer: Blair Witch Meets Moon in Apollo 18
Jake Gyllenhaal Gets His Orders in New Source Code Trailer 02-21-thru-02-25-11

Superheroes, Robots and a Psychotic Tire: 2011’s Most Intriguing Movies
Trailer: Homeless Thor Meets Mortals, Faces Monsters
Fringe Sleuths Bust Ghosts on Cursed Friday Night
Filmmaker Discovers Nazi 3-D Movies From the 1930s
Video: Animated Let's Pollute Draws on Grease Pencil Instead of CGI
Shirt Scraps, Beeswax Sweeten Cake's Handmade Lyric Book
Fantasy Casting Posters Reimagine Classic Sci-Fi Films 02-14-thru-02-21-11

Win Battling Aquaman, Mer-Man Action Figures
Mutants Tackle Cuban Missile Crisis in New X-Men: First Class ...
In Bar Karma, Will Wright Orders 12 Shots of Crowdsourced Sci-Fi/a>
Spider-Man Joins Marvel's New 'Future Foundation' 02-07-thru-02-11-11

Video: YouTube Sneak Peeks Cowboys & Aliens Super Bowl Trailer
Amazon Studios' 'Test Film' American Anthem Heads Toward Completion
Sci-Fi-London Challenges Filmmakers: Make a Movie in 48 Hours
'Singularities Effect' Drives Josh Harris' Dream for MIT Media Lab
Peer Inside Music Box, the Ultimate Tim Burton / Danny Elfman Box 01-31-thru-02-04-11

Video: Natalie Portman Takes Flight Through Black Swan Visual Effects
Sundance Doc Connected Says Internet Can Save the Planet
Trailer: Hanna Paints Portrait of Lethal Teen
New Hellboy Art Poster Honors Del Toro
Sundance Sci-Fi Entry Another Earth Snags Studio Deal
Oscars Go Mental With Social Network, Inception
Studio Dismisses Matrix Sequels Rumor as 'Bunk' 01-24-thru-01-28-11

Stan Lee Superheroes Coming to Save Pro Hockey
Slamdance Doc Offers Group Portrait of Self-Appointed Superheroes
DIY Filmmakers Dig High-Def, Low-Cost DSLR Cameras
Trailer: The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu Enters 'Nerd Black Hole
See Fringe's Faux Vinyl Artifact, Seven Suns By Violet Sedan Chair
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Fringe Video Underscores Sci-Fi Soap Opera
Best Sci-Fi Effects of All Time, as Voted by You
Ricky Gervais Takes an 'Idiot Abroad' in New Travel Show
Trailer: Battle: Los Angeles Gets Gritty for Alien Invasion 01-17-thru-01-21-11

DIY Filmmakers Dig High-Def, Low-Cost DSLR Cameras
See Fringe's Faux Vinyl Artifact, Seven Suns By Violet Sedan Chair
Vintage Videogames Inspire Multiplayer Posters
Spider-Man Unveiled: First Photo of Andrew Garfield in Spidey Suit
Video: Born to Be Wild Nature Doc Captures Elephants, Orangutans ...
Review: Green Hornet Leans On Superheroes' Latest Weapon: Comedy ...
Video: Exhuming Buried's Claustrophobic Coffin Scene 01-10-thru-01-14-11

The Cape Teams Wannabe Superhero With Circus Freaks
26 Co-Directors Bring Crowd-Sourced Doc Life in a Day to Sundance
League of Imaginary Scientists Drills 'Wormhole' Into Museum
Vote for Your Favorite Sexy Geeks of 2010
Video: Politically Charged Sci-Fi Short Floats UFOs Over Israel
Video: Graphic Violence Morphs From Live Action to Comic Book Mode
Vote for Your Favorite Sexy Geeks of 2010 01-03-thru-01-07-11

WIRED.COM 2010 12-27-thru-12-31-10 12-20-thru-12-24-10 12-13-thru-12-17-10 12-06-thru-12-10-10 11-29-thru-12-03-10 11-22-thru-11-26-10 11-15-thru-11-19-10 11-08-thru-11-12-10 11-01-thru-11-05-10 10-25-thru-10-29-10 10-18-thru-10-25-10 10-11-thru-10-18-10 10-04-thru-10-08-10 09-27-thru-10-01-10 09-20-thru-09-27-10

Undertow Puts Gay Ghost Spin on Magical Realism from Peru PLUS Comedy Writer Films a Scene, Wins Studio Directing Deal
San Francisco Chronicle 09.19.10 09-13-thru-09-17-10 09-07-thru-09-10 08-30-thru-09-02 08-24-10 thru 08-27-10 08-16-10 thru 08-20-10

Video: 'The Twit Network' Lampoons Facebook Movie
See Real-Life X-Men in Stan Lee's Superhuman
50 Ancient Sci-Fi Flicks Make Faux Avengers Trailer
Amplified Clippers Drive Noisy Electric Chaircut
Blind Director Raises Dough to Finish Horror Flick 08-09-10 thru 08-13-10

Trailer: Star Trek's Chris Pine Jumps an Unstoppable Train
Custom Darth Vader Action Figure Leads Nazi Charge
Tron: Legacy Director Takes Disney to Oblivion 08-02-10 thru 08-09-10

Trailer Mashup: Inception + Toy Story 3 Equals Spooky Laughs
Trailer: Zack Snyder's Knock-Out Sucker Punch
Video: How to Create Batman vs. Iron Man Stop-Motion Battle
Meet the Kick-Ass Women of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch
Rainn Wilson Dons Red Tights as Super's DIY Hero 07-26-10 thru 07-30-10

California Design Biennial Examines Graphic Response to Economic + Political Meltdown
Los Angeles Times 07.25.10

Charmer Ryan Reynolds Sees Hero for the Ages in Green Lantern
Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch Rocks the Girl Power
Green Hornet Promises Buddy Flick, 'Big Fights'
Del Toro Promises Serious Scares in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
'Action Chick' Looks at Comic-Con's Geek Girls
Tron: Legacy Action Figure Lights Up, Talks
New Posters: Thor, Captain America Invade Comic-Con
Giveaway: Plastic Man Stars in Mattel’s Comic-Con Prize Pack
Geek Culture's 26 Most Awesome Female Ass-Kickers
Exclusive: Tribbles Infest Alamo Drafthouse's New 'Star Trek' Posters
Fan's $4,000 War Machine Costume Comes to Comic-Con
Video: Spoof Mocks Banteriffic Facebook Movie Trailer 07-19-10 thru 07-26-10

Video: Pop Song Offers Simple Solution to iPhone Antennagate
Cult Movies Inspire Artists' Twisted Homages
Review: Smart, Sinewy Inception Injects Action Into Dreams
Lost Artifacts Hit Auction Block in August
Bradbury: 'No News' About Mel Gibson's Fahrenheit 451 Adaptation 07-12-10 thru 07-16-10

Stephen King Novel Spawns Syfy's Tepid Haven
Social Network Trailer Cranks Up Rancor Behind Facebook's Beginnings
Kickstarter Can Turn You Into a Sci-Fi Producer
Review: Gory Predators Refreshes Tired Franchise
July 7, 1550: Europeans Discover Chocolate
Mondo Atomic Comic Mashes Plan 9 and Brain That Wouldn't Die 07-05-10 thru 07-09-10

Will New Spider-Man Take Movies in Dark Direction?
Free Muvizu 3D Software Fuels DIY Animation
Video: 'Origami Robot' Folds Itself Into Paper Airplane
Book Honors Star Wars Movie Poster Maestro Drew Struzan
Space Nazi Trailers Draw Crowd Funding for Iron Sky
DIY Musician Pulls All-Nighter to Record Hit Viral Jingle
English Actors Close in on Spider-Man Role
June 28, 1846: Parisian Inventor Patents Saxophone 06-29-10 thru 07-02-10

Airplane Architect Builds House From Disassembled Jet
Video: Muppet-Versus-Rocker Staring Contest Gets Ugly
Trailer: Beast Sightings Rare in New Predators Clip
Google Earth Death Star Virtually Blows Up Your Neighborhood
Photo: First Look at Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet
King Kong Rattles 3-D Cage as Theme Park Freak 06-22-10 thru 06-25-10

Harry Potter Theme Park Opening Streams Live Review: Wicked Weaponry Trumps Characters in Jonah Hex Ghost Western
True Blood Spills Extra Vampire Scenes Online
L.A. Film Fest Features Aliens, LSD-Fueled No-Hitter
Crowdsourced Video Project Documents One Day on Earth
June 14, 1948: TV Guide Prototype Hits N.Y. Newsstands 06-15-10 thru 06-18-10

Blowback: True Blood Vampires Make Raunchy Return
Weekend Movies: Wise-Cracking A-Team Blows Stuff Up
How to Make a Mutant: Splice’s Creepy Creature Evolves
Snarky Hipster Skewers Fashion Blunders in Street Boners
DIY Sci-Fi Trailer Draws Avatar Producer to Technotise 06-08-10 thru 06-11-10

Weekend Movies: Splice for Chills, Greek for Laughs
Review: Ingeniously Crafted Splice Spawns Mutant Thrills
Alice in Wonderland Discs Boast Trippy Concept Art
Win Windup Girl, Read About Bio-Engineered Sex Slave 06-01-10 thru 06-04-10

Weekend Roundup: Prince of Persia Leads Memorial Day Parade
Review: Prince of Persia Revisits Age of Swashbuckler Tyke Fights Vicious Bunnies in Iron Baby Video
Farewell FlashForward: 6 Reasons It Should Have Stayed on Air
Clip: Cranky William Shatner Stars in Twitter-Based Sitcom
The Road DVD Describes the Making of an Apocalypse
Blowback: Fans Weigh in on Lost Series Finale 05-23-10 thru 05-28-10

Blowback: Fans Weigh in on Lost Series Finale
Transformers 3 Casting Call: Who Should Replace Megan Fox?
50 Artists Remix Twilight Zone's Brain-Frying Concepts
Gamera DVD Puts Fresh Sheen on Classic Sci-Fi
Fox Fries Up a New Dork Family Cartoon Bob's Burgers
Summer Glau Sees Fresh Action in The Cape 05-17-10 thru 05-24-10

Photos: Lost Props Set for Summer Sale
Photo: Hog's Head Takes Bite Out of Harry Potter's Wizarding World
Machine Orchestra Features Hacked Guitar, Trampoline-Triggered Music Cues
First Adjustment Bureau Trailer: Matt Damon Meets Weird Men in Hats
DIY Thriller Four Boxes Taps Web Voyeurism for Chills
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Out-Dance Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter, Win an iPad
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Summer Movie Preview: Sex, Spies, DNA 05-03-10 thru 05-07-10

Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2 Mission: Feed the Fans
Office Equipment Does Printer Jam at onedotzero
Review: Scary Freddy Haunts Sleepy Victims of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'
Music Video Captures 105 Faces Flapping at 1,000 Frames per Second 04-26-10 thru 04-30-10

Secretly Filmed Movie Highlights Tehran's Gutsy Rock Scene
Review: Zoe Saldana Nearly Redeems The Losers
The Guild Comic Dives Into Web Series' Origins Story
Avatar Sequel Will Plumb Planet Pandora's Ocean Depths
Minority Report Blu-ray Explores Spielberg's Futuristic Vision 04-19-10 thru 04-23-10

Morphing Stations Turn Avatar Fans Into Na'vi
Streamy Winners Redo Widely Scorned Awards Show
Review: Peewee Star Sparks Rollicking Kick-Ass
April 14, 1996: JenniCam Goes Live
BodyWorld Imagines Mind-Blowing Super Drug
Green Porno, Stephen Colbert Nab Webby Nominations
New Wonder Woman Book Documents 7 Decades of Amazonian Ass-Kicking
Streamy Awards Hype Hot Web Stars 04-12-10 thru 04-16-10

Slow-Motion Car Crash Speeds Filmmaker’s Career
Screams Rule New Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer
Serialized Nightmare Trails Thriller Is in the Mail
April 7, 1933: King Kong Opens Wide
Mega-Monsters Make Magnificent Movies
Robot Skeleton Is DIY Sidekick for Late-Show Host 04-05-10 thru 04-09-10

Review: Stiff Gods and Monsters Mar Clash of the Titans
As the Wormhole Turns: 'Fringe' Flashes Back to Parallel Universe
So Tweet: Geek Couple Plans Twitter Wedding
Spy Thriller Urban Wolf Crackles With Tension (But Without Words)
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Fan Pictures Cylon War in Battlestar Spinoff Trailer
Photos: Inside Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
James Cameron Pegs Avatar DVD Release to Earth Day
Vials of Artist's Blood, Skin Show Up in Freaky Art Show Flesh and Blood
Gamer Comedy The Guild Makes Streamy Top 10 03-22-10 thru 03-26-10

Vials of Artist's Blood, Skin Show Up in Freaky Art Show Flesh and Blood
Gamer Comedy The Guild Makes Streamy Top 10
Artists Get Their Geek On to Celebrate Yuri's Night
March 19, 1979: House Proceedings Air Live on C-SPAN Review: Squishy Repo Men Sticks Shiv in Organ-Extraction Action FlashForward Flashes Forward Without Its Creator
Artists Fight Gravity in Dancing on the Ceiling Web-Smart Sitcom 3.0 Makers Update Ancient Comedy Formula
Avatar Effects Whiz Talks Virtual Acting at SXSW 03-15-10 thru 03-19-10

Pass the Camera: Many Directors Shoot One Star-Studded Comedy
Flynn Lives in Tron Legacy Teaser Trailer
New Iron Man 2 Trailer: Rourke Rocks as Whiplash
Oscar Upset: Avatar Loses to The Hurt Locker 03-08-10 thru 03-12-10

Alice's Visual Challenge: Make You Believe 'World of Insanity'
Logorama Short Mocks Brand-Name Infestation
Through Tim Burton's Looking Glass: Making Alice in Wonderland
Helena Bonham Carter Is Tim Burton's Red Queen Pulp Posters: 13 Variations on Inglourious Basterds Theme
Short Film Shot Entirely on Flatbed Scanner
2012 DVD Pictures Disaster, Hollywood-Style
Match Made in Wonderland: Danny Elfman's Music, Tim Burton's Freaks
Streamy Awards Name Webotainment Finalists 03-01-10 thru 03-05-10

Review: Captivating Freaks Populate Eye-Popping Alice in Wonderland
Must-Read Comics, as Picked by Readers 02-22-10 thru 02-26-10

Pilkington's Idiocy Animates Ricky Gervais Show
'Gadget OK!' Showcases Oddball Japanese Devices
Half-Shark, Half-Octopus Beast for Sharktopus 02-15-10 thru 02-19-10

Review: Survivors Outlast Killer Flu in Wasteland Drama
Wirehead Probes Impact of IQ Implants
Stop-Motion Ace YouTubes Himself to Hollywood
Review: Little to Howl About in Cliched 'Wolfman'
First Look: New Fleet of Star Wars Toys
District 9 Collectible Ray Guns Are Going Fast
Captain America as USO Song-and-Dance Man?
Tim Burton's Alice Leads Super Bowl Trailer Hit Parade 02-08-10 thru 02-12-10

Super Bowl 'Snack Stadium' Built From 50 Kinds of Junk Food
Sound, Lights, Robots Invade London's Kinetica Art Fair
First Look: A Drooling Alice in Wonderland Beast
Split-Frame Video Synchs Lost Season 1, Season 6 Opening Scenes
'Big Answer' Looms in Fringe's Mythology-Rich Winter Finale
Fans Plot Future of Level 26 'Digi-Novel' Crime Series
Clash of the Titans Gets 3-D Retrofit
7 Big Questions for Lost Final Season. What's Yours?
Phantom YouTube Critic Reams Avatar
Feb. 1, 1951: TV Shows Atomic Blast, Live 02-01-10 thru 02-05-10

Videos: Animators 'Recode' Data-Driven Decode Art
First Look at Alice in Wonderland's Creepy Caterpillar
Jan 29, 1901: DuMont Will Make TV Work
Software Judges Standup Acts in Slamdance Doc I Am Comic
New Alice in Wonderland Spot Heads for Super Bowl
Corman's Piranha Leads Attack of Cheesy Sci-Fi DVDs 01-25-10 thru 01-29-10

Solatrium Filmmakers Construct Sleek Sci-Fi From Styrofoam Discards
Sci-fi, Horror and Beat Poetry Converge at Sundance, Slamdance
Alessandra Torresani Gets Inside 'Caprica' Prime Cylon
(500) Days of Summer Director Takes on Spider-Man 4
Bourne Trilogy Flips for DVD/Blu-ray Combo Disc
Saw VI Director to Make Paranormal Activity Sequel
Robert Downey Jr., Avatar's James Cameron Snag Golden Globes 01-18-10 thru 01-22-10

Avatar Obsessives: Read Uncut Script, Join Na'vi Tribe
Review: Book of Eli Caps Wasteland Saga With a Twist
Review: The Lovely Bones: Looks Great, Less Filling
Lost Contest Offers Piece of the Island
Malkovich's Comic Book Roles: Spy in Red, Vulture in Spider-Man 4? 01-11-10 thru 01-15-10

How Terry Gilliam Weathered Loss of Heath Ledger to Finish Fanciful Imaginarium
Thor Jumps on Vacated Spider-Man 4 Release Date
Spoof Ad Teases Google Nexus vs. iPhone Turf War
Mendes Might Direct Next James Bond Flick
Del Toro Finds Director for The Orphanage
Caprica, Spartacus Give TV a January Jolt 01-04-10 thru 01-08-10


Sci-Fi Fairy Tales Get Weird in Super Punch Contest
Site Shines Light on Star Trek Sound Designers
Depp Salutes Heath Ledger, Imaginarium Cast 12-28--09thru-12-31-09

Imaginarium Tests Terry Gilliam's Ingenuity PLUS Sundance Rolls Out "HOWL" In Bay Area
San Francisco Chronicle 12.27.09

Mr. Fox Puppets Offer Fantastic Christmas Wishes
TV Decade in Review: Reality, 1; Fantasy, 0
Mind-Game Movies Mark '00s Cinema of Paranoia
Review: Wobbly 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Still Enchants
Growing Up Heroes Photo Blog Captures Kids in Capes
Review: Sherlock Holmes Gives Brainy Detective Plenty of Brawn 12-21-09 thru 12-25-09

Review: Powerful Avatar Stuns the Eye, Seduces the Heart
New Alice in Wonderland Trailer Revels in Red Queen's Villainy
Solomon Kane Movie Updates Pulp Fiction Classic
Creature From the Black Lagoon Rises Again
Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Trilogy Adds 7 Hours of Goodies 12-14-09 thru 12-18-09

Natalie Portman Plans to Play Zombie Slayer
Portable Grindhouse Revels In Vintage VHS Box Art
'1000 Comic Books You Must Read' Digs Into Pulp's Past
Instrument Inventor Hears Music Everywhere
15 Gigs Lets Web Audiences Rate Fox Sitcom Pilots
Lost Schools Fans With 'Lost University' Blu-ray Feature
Sci-Fi Moon Pic Wins British Film Trophies
Emigre Compilation Revisits 'Punk' Era of Graphic Design
Avatar Spoof Paints James Cameron as CGI Junkie 12-07-09 thru 12-11-09

Emigre Compilation Revisits 'Punk' Era of Graphic Design
Avatar Spoof Paints James Cameron as CGI Junkie
Movies: Natalie Portman Causes Friction in Brothers
Kidney-Shaped Heads Crown Organ Donor Dolls
Paranormal Activity Creator Cuts Deal for Alien Movie Area 51 11-30-09 thru 12-04-09

Las Vegas's New City Center: Architecture Review
L.A. Weekly 12.04.09

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Action Hero Spin to Sherlock Holmes
Wired Magazine December 2009

Inventor/Musician Trimpin Tunes Into Everyday Sound
Wired Magazine December 2009

Movies: Grim The Road Serves Unlikely Holiday Fare The Road Takes Desolate Journey From Page to Screen 11-23-09 thru 11-25-09

'Live Music' Short Showcases Crowdsourced Animation
Movies: New Moon Casts Spell Over 'Twi-Hards'
Concept Art Offers Peek at Tim Burton's Twisted Genius
Bruno DVD Packs Cringe-Worthy Extras
DIY Fanboys Revive Canceled Sci-Fi Show in New Sitcom
Blowback: Pass Sentence on New Prisoner, Win DVD Set 11-16-09 thru 11-20-09

Where the Botched Children's Book Adaptations Are
Movies: 2012 Turns Apocalypse Into Spectacle
Whedon's Dollhouse Is Fox's Latest Sci-Fi Fatality
2012's Doomsday Predecessors: An Apocalyptic Primer
Shit My Dad Says: Twitter Got Me a Sitcom Deal
J.J. Abrams Might Direct NBC Spy Drama Undercovers 11-09-09 thru 11-13-09

J.J. Abrams Might Direct NBC Spy Drama Undercovers
Movies: Jim Carrey Revives Christmas Carol as 3-D Spectacle
'Half-Life' Visuals Supercharge Sci-Fi Short 'Escape From City-17'
Review: V's Hypnotic Alien Leader Demands Submission
Sherlock Holmes Replaces Microsoft to Back MacFarlane Show 11-02-09 thru 11-06-09

'Live Music' Short Showcases Crowdsourced Animation
Movies: New Moon Casts Spell Over 'Twi-Hards'
Concept Art Offers Peek at Tim Burton's Twisted Genius
Bruno DVD Packs Cringe-Worthy Extras
DIY Fanboys Revive Canceled Sci-Fi Show in New Sitcom
Blowback: Pass Sentence on New Prisoner, Win DVD Set 11-16-09 thru 11-20-09

Where the Botched Children's Book Adaptations Are
Movies: 2012 Turns Apocalypse Into Spectacle
Whedon's Dollhouse Is Fox's Latest Sci-Fi Fatality
2012's Doomsday Predecessors: An Apocalyptic Primer
Shit My Dad Says: Twitter Got Me a Sitcom Deal
J.J. Abrams Might Direct NBC Spy Drama Undercovers 11-09-09 thru 11-13-09

J.J. Abrams Might Direct NBC Spy Drama Undercovers
Movies: Jim Carrey Revives Christmas Carol as 3-D Spectacle
'Half-Life' Visuals Supercharge Sci-Fi Short 'Escape From City-17'
Review: V's Hypnotic Alien Leader Demands Submission
Sherlock Holmes Replaces Microsoft to Back MacFarlane Show 11-02-09 thru 11-06-09

Charlize Theron Takes on Mad Max 4
Review: Gentlemen Broncos Rides Sci-Fi Cheese Into Ground
Movies: Sci-Fi Spoof Gentlemen Broncos Follows King of Pop Pic
Microsoft Bails Out of Seth MacFarlane's Variety Show
New Web Series Serve Up Vampire Tales, Slasher Horror
Paranormal Activity Tops Box Office, Spurring Talk of Sequel 10-26-09 thru 10-30-09

Movies: Astro Boy Takes Flight Amid Hellish Horror Shows
Technicolor Teams With Hollywood to Expand 3-D Theaters
Transformers 2 DVD Bundle Packs a Michael Bay Punch
Halloween Party Prize: Leonard Nimoy Photo Session

Kerouac's Big Sur Documents Writer's Life After On the Road 10-19-thru-10-23-09

Review: Where the Wild Things Are is Bold but Grumpy
Movies: Where the Wild Things Are Revamps Sendak Classic
Monty Python Reunion to Stream Live
Comedy's Holy Grail? Win Tickets to Monty Python Reunion
Director Bryan Singer May Return to X-Men Films 10-12-thru-10-16-09

Review: Smart We Live in Public Probes Web Genius' Hubris
Movies: Cinematic Smorgasbord of Gervais, Zombies, Docs
For Sale: Stan Winston's Terminators, Other Sci-Fi Memorabilia
Hugh Jackman May Join Robot Boxing Flick
South Park Movie Streams Free for 10th Anniversary
2012 Clip Gets Massive TV Rollout
Blowback: Dollhouse Sexbots Reboot for New Season
Real Science Sets Up Surrogates' Futuristic Robot Action 09-28-thru-10-02-09

Fast-Paced 'FlashForward' Promises Epic Mind Games
Movies: Bruce Willis Wigs Out in Sci-Fi Surrogates
Blowback: Heroes Crams More New Characters Into Season Premiere 09-21-thru-09-25-09

Video: Comedy Duo Spills 14 Emmy Spoilers in 39 Seconds
Blowback: Fringe Keeps It Fresh in Season 2 Debut Blowback: Does Fringe Keep It Fresh in Season 2 Debut?
Movies: Megan Fox Gets Into Jennifer's Body
Heroes Stars on Season 4: Deathbed, Yes; Lesbians, Maybe
Sparhusen Is Swedish for Spinal Tap 09-14-09 thru 09-18-09

p> Sparhusen Is Swedish for Spinal Tap
Movies: Kate Beckinsale Goes Ballistic in Whiteout
Late-Night, Sex- and Booze-Fueled Texting Inspires Fox Sitcom
Rag Dolls Rule on Planet of the Sad Sacks
DIY Animation Drew Tim Burton to 9's 'Stitchpunk' Story
Nicolas Cage Quits Green Hornet Movie
Monty Python Reuniting for 1 Wild Night in New York
Review: '9' Fuses Bleak Sci-Fi Story With Brilliant Visuals 09-07-09 thru-09-11-09

The Blob Gets Re-Molded by Rob Zombie
Director, Studio Aim For District 9 Sequel
Summer Glau, Battlestar Galactica Stars Join Dollhouse
Movies: Rob Zombie Comes Calling With Halloween 2
Will Smith Returns as Superhero in Hancock 2
Where the Wild Things Are Music Hits MySpace
Pirates' Gore Verbinksi Quits BioShock Movie 08-23-09 thru 08-28-09

Chilling New Wolfman Images Scream Bloody Murder
Beatles' Yellow Submarine May Surface as 3-D Remake
Review: Nightmare Nazi Dominates Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
Microsculptor's Incredible Hulk Fits in Eye of Needle
Movies: Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds Ends Summer With Nazi-Bashing Bang
Studio Greenlights Spider-Man 5 and 6 Scripts 08-17-09 thru 08-21-09

Blowback: Does Experimental District 9 Work Alien Magic?
Review: Gritty Lead Performance Drives 'District 9' Alien Verite
Movies: District 9, Ponyo Bring Welcome Dose of Sci-Fi, Anime
Vintage Mexican Sci-Fi Beams a Blast From the Past, con Queso 08-10-09 thru 08-14-09

Vintage Mexican Sci-Fi Beams a Blast From the Past, con Queso
Peter Jackson Crafts Creepy Fantasy Land in Lovely Bones
Movies: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Launches Stealth Attack
Bryan Singer to Produce Syfy's End-of-World Miniseries
3-D Metal 'Printers' Launch DIY Action Figure Service
Snyder's Sucker Punch Taps Carla 'Silk Spectre' Gugino

Ridley Scott To Direct Alien Prequel
Funny People Cage Fight: Craigslist Founder vs. MySpace 'Friend'
Tron Legacy Director Heads for Sci-Fi Oblivion
Movies: Apatow's Funny People Salutes Raunchy Nerd Humor
Waiting for Wolfman: Release Bumped to 2010
First Look: Megan Fox's Jonah Hex Poster
Hollywood Prop Shop Sells Off Classic Sci-Fi Artifacts 07-27-09 thru 08-01-09

EasyLOL Aggregates Tittering Tweeters 08-03-09 thru 08-07-09

Robert Downey Jr.: 'Down For the Cause' of Sherlock Holmes Sequels
Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, Jonah Hex: Match Made in Comic Heaven
Jackie Earle Haley Revives Freddy Kreuger in New Nightmare
District 9 Rises From Ashes of Halo
First Look: Astro Boy, Kristen Bell Plug Into Comic-Con
First Look: New Alice in Wonderland Trailer
Movies: Evil Orphan Counter-Programs Harry Potter
First Look: Filmmaker De-Constructs 9 Sci-Fi Character Cards
First Look: Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' Heath Ledger Clip
7 Women Who Will Rock Comic-Con
Comic Book Warrior Magdalena Proceeds Toward Big Screen 07-20-09 thru 07-24-09

Walter Cronkite Dead at 92
Terry Gilliam’s Final Cut for Heath Ledger and Imaginarium
Movies: Harry Potter 6 Rolls Over Dark Knight Record
Emmy Nods Include Lost and Family Guy
Review: Harry Potter Powers Through Puppy Love, Potions in 'Half-Blood Prince'
Cheech and Chong Light Up Tron Spoof
Natalie Portman Joins Thor Cast 07-13-09 thru 07-17-09

3 Finalists Make Cut to Play Green Lantern
Heder’s Out-of-Work IT Guy, Sci-Fi Defying Gravity Coming to TV
Michael Moore Calls New Bailout Doc a Love Story
Harry Potter Podcast, iPhone App Hype Half-Blood Prince
Movies: Bruno Ups Ante on Outrage
Best Summer Movie Trailers of 2009
Talenthouse 'Creative Community' Connects All Kinds of Artists
Michael Jackson Memorial Service Streams Live
Review: Stars' Chemistry Ignites Sci-Fi Antics in Warehouse 13 07-06-09 thru 07-10-09

Movies: Bale Chases Depp's Dillinger in Public Enemies
DVDs: IT Crowd Now, Battlestar Galactica in July
Virtuality's Low Ratings Dim Prospect for Renewal
Noah Wyle to Fight Aliens in Spielberg-Produced TV Pilot 06-29-09 thru 07-03-09

Making Fire for Harry Potter: ILM Explains Underwater Flames
Wired Magazine July 2009)

Virtuality Web Campaign Calls for Full-Blown Series
Blowback: Does Transformers 2 Blow? Moviegoers Weigh in
Review: Strong Acting, Holodeck From Hell Boost One-Off Virtuality
Charlie's Angels' Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62
First Look: Tim Burton Takes Alice to Weird, Wild Wonderland Movies: Transformers Gets Its Revenge Superhero Films Get a Shot as Oscar Doubles Best Picture Playing Field
'Robot Sightings' Hype Transformers Worldwide
Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Takes 'Bot Action to Limit 06-22-09 thru 06-26-09

First Look: FlashForward Spins Global Blackout Into Time-Warp Mythos Report: Cruise and Abrams to Make Mission: Impossible IV
Movies: Moon Goes Wider as Year One Aims for Ancient Laughs Born-Again Bride of Frankenstein in Works
From Fairy Tales to Porn, Anime Heats Up for Summer
TV's Tweeting Tattoo Artist Offers Free Twitter Ink Session
Student Oscar Winners Play in Sci-Fi Sandbox
From Fairy Tales to Porn, Anime Heats Up for Summer
Battlestar Boss Teases The Plan Spinoff 06-15-09 thru 06-19-09

Michael Mann Sets Midwest Scene: Dillinger Bio-Pic Public Enemies Gets Heartland Locations
On Wisconsin Magazine July/August 2009 n/a online

Horror Maestro Marcus Nispel Nabs Conan the Barbarian Film
Holy Gort! Hollywood Robots Invade Pittsburgh
Ron Moore's Virtuality Takes Virtual Reality to Outer Space
Movies: Limited Moon Opening Offers Big Sci-Fi Vision
Tim Burton Gets a Show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art
First Look: Steampunk Gadgets Go Wild in Warehouse 13
Katee ‘Starbuck’ Sackhoff Joins 24's Terror Fighters
Heroes' Masi Oka to Make Role-Playing Movie
Roller Coaster Cams Capture Riders in Action
Blade Runner Inspires Ridley Scott's New Web Series
Sex Galaxy Recycles Vintage Porn, Sci-Fi for Blue-Green Film 06-08-09 thru 06-12-09

Star Trek Fights Harry Potter for Best Trailer Trophy
Totally New Total Recall in the Works
Movies: Sleestaks Attack, Dinos Get Goofy in Land of the Lost
Burlap-Skinned Creatures Flee Giant Robots in 9
David Lynch's Interview Project Probes American Dreams
Movies: Pixar's Up Swaps Robots for Humans
Raw Meat, Favors Fuel $70 Zombie Movie Colin 06-01-09 thru 06-05-09

Terminator Blowback Giveaway: Judgment Day for Salvation 05-26-09 thru 05-31-09

Terminator Blowback Giveaway: Judgment Day for Salvation
Movies: Terminator 4 Gets Jump on Night at the Museum 2
IMAX CEO: Screen Size Isn't Everything
Review: Loud Terminator Salvation Makes for Grim Spectacle 05-18-09 thru 05-22-09

DVDs: Star Trek Collections Now, Watchmen Later
7 Webotainers Worth Watching
Movies: Angels & Demons Takes on Star Trek, Week 2
Star Trek Movie Breaks 'Odd-Number Curse,' Readers Say
Fringe Finale Blowback: Nimoy Makes 'Massive' Appearance
Exotic Star Trek Locales Are All Over the California Map
YooouuuTuuube Turns Videos Into Trippy Moving Mosaics 05-11-09 thru 05-15-09

'Star Trek' Blowback: Weigh In to Win Hefty Blu-ray Set
Terminator Salvation's Not for Wussies, Sam Worthington Says
Leonard Nimoy Cracks 10 Star Trek Jokes on Letterman
Movies: Star Trek Blasts Back Into Theaters
Review: Invigorated 'Star Trek' Sparkles With Wit, Spectacle
Deadpool Gets His Own X-Men Movie
Reznor, Fallon Rack Up Webby AwardsUltradome Promises Ultranerd Battles Fringe Renewed for Second Season of Weird Science
Film Riot Shows You How to Make a Head Explode 05-04-09 thru 05-08-09

Tiny Enterprise Models Channel Quirky Star Trek Visions
Review: Wolverine's Unbridled Rage Never Looked So Good
Sci-Fi, Animation Feed Hollywood's Summer Hunger
Movies: Wolverine Tears Into Girlfriends
'Wolverine' Blowback: Your Favorite Mutant? 04-27-09 thru 05-01-09

Movies: Mutant Chronicles, Soloist or Caprica?
Pilot Season Follows My Damn Channel's Formula for Success 04-20-09 thru 04-24-09

Movies: Russell Crowe Takes on Crank Sequel Fans Will Decide Where Wolverine Premieres Webby Awards Nominees Rope Together Weird, Wonderful 04-13-09 thru 04-17-09

Webby Award Nominees Rope Together the Weird and the Wonderful
Report: Fox Cancels Dollhouse Episode
Webisodes Prime Pump for CBS' Bloody Harper's Island
Movies: Observe and Report May Slay Dragonball
Report: Leonard Nimoy to Join Fringe
For Sale: Kirk, Spock in Wax
Manga-Style Wolverine Shreds Bookstores
Day the Earth Stood Still DVD Bundles 1951 Classic
Anna Torv Talks Up Fringe Personalities 04-06-09 thru 04-10-09

Inside Terminator Salvation's Bleak World
Alien Trespass Milks '50s Sci-Fi for Laughs
Movies: Adventureland Comedy Crashes Into Fast & Furious
Wolverine Leak Still Not Plugged
Life on Mars' Time-Traveler Calls it Quits
Studio Greenlights Star Trek Sequel Script
Celebs, Nerds Win Big at Streamy Web Awards 03-30-09 thru 04-03-09

Virtual Sets Move Hollywood Closer to Holodeck Streamy Web Awards Honor Dr. Horrible, Battlestar Galactica Review: Monsters vs. Aliens Hypes Sci-Fi Antics in 3-D
Movies: 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens Tackles 12 Rounds
Quantum of Solace DVD Demystifies Globe-Hopping Bond
Comic Freak MODOK Spawns Multiple Variations
Bailed-Out Bank of America Boosts 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens 03-23-09 thru 03-27-09

Blowback: Does Battlestar Galactica Finale Satisfy?
Twilight DVD Spawns Midnight Madness
Bailed Out Bank of America Boosts 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens
Knowing Director Alex Proyas: Digital RED Camera Rocks
Movies: I Love You, Man vs. Julia Roberts
Beyond Bizarre: Tokyo! Filmmaker Creates His Own Language
Dancing Star Wozniak Wants Your Vote 03-16-09 thru 03-20-09

Movies: Attack of the Remakes vs. Watchmen
The superhero outfit belonging to Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson) comes out of retirement in Zack Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen.
Dark Knight Nabs 11 Saturn Nominations Snubbed by Oscar, Batman ran rampant through the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror membership, judging from nominations announced Tuesday by the group in advance of its 35th annual Saturn Awards.
Nerds Rally for Steve Wozniak, the Dancing Machine
Steve Wozniak wants your vote. As seen in the video above, the Apple co-founder, who does the cha-cha with Russian ballerina Karina Smirnoff on Monday night's season premiere of Dancing With the Stars, hopes Mac fans will call or text
Stop-Motion Pioneer Ray Harryhausen Books His Scariest Creatures
03-09-09 thru 03-13-09

Blowback: 'Watchmen' Watchers Weigh In
Woz Does the Cha-Cha on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Review: Watchmen Actors Trumped by Awesome Visuals
Movies: Hollywood Gives Watchmen a Wide Berth
Watchmen's World Springs From Strangelove, Taxi Driver
Stunt Actress Zoe Bell Smacks Web as Angel of Death 03-02-09 thru 03-08-09

Ellen Kuras Shoots From the Heart
The Betrayal Captures Laotian Family's Epic Travails
Brown Alumni Magazine March/April 2009

Movies: Chun-Li Squares Off Against Jonas Brothers
Michel Gondry May Direct Seth Rogen's Green Hornet
And the Oscar Goes to . . . Wall*E 03-23 through 02-27-09

02-22 And the Oscar Goes to Slumdog Millionaire, Heath Ledger, Kate Winslet, Sean Penn
02-20 Conan O'Brien 16 Years of Late Night Geek Mockery
Beyond Oscar: Heath Ledger Legacy Grew from Intense Devotion to Craft
Oscar Pundits: Ledger's a Lock, Rourke is Up in the Air
Linda Hamilton in Talks to Talk in Terminator 4
02-19 Movies in Theaters This Week (Feb. 20)
02-17 Nite Owl Coffee's Brewing for Watchmen Fans
SXSW Exports Film Fest Flicks to On-Demand Cable 02-17-09 through 02-22-09

02-13 Blowback: Does Dollhouse Blow Your Mind?
Stealing Lincoln's Body Reanimates 'Asymmetric' President
Prime Time Brainiacs: Wozniak Dances, Nobel Laureate Does Big Bang
Whedon's Sci-Fi Dollhouse Opens Its Mind-Wiping Doors
02-12 Bond Girl Eva Green Goes Futuristic in Womb
Movies in Theaters This Week (Feb. 13)
02-11 Wolverine Trailer Trilogy Starts Sunday 02-09-09 through 02-13-09

Push Brings Psychic Warfare to Big Screen
5 Actresses Who Could Replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
Yatterman at Comic Con: Dancin' Superhero Battles Giant Lizards
Apologetic Bale Says Terminator Craziness Fueled Tirade
02-04 Movies in Theaters This Week (Feb. 6)
02-02 Star Trek Mashers Warp Original Series, Old School-Style 02-02-09 through 02-06-09

Data + Art Show Celebrates the Too Much Information Age
Pasadena Exhibtion Offers Geek-Friendly Installations
Los Angeles Times 02.03.09

01-30 Comic Book Wrestler From Hell El Zombo Gets His Close-Up
Exclusive Images Reveal McG's Terminator Salvation Vision
01-29 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 30)
He-Man Comes to Big Screen
01-26 Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig Cast for Tintin 01-26-09 through 01-30-09

01-23 Sundance Posts Free Shorts at iTunes
01-22 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 23)
01-21 Spoiler Wars Heat Up as Lost Return 01-19-09 through 01-23-09

01-16 "Strong Women Steer Battlestar Galactica's Final Voyage 01-15 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 16)
Juiced-Up Script Changed Bale's Mind About Terminator Salvation
01-13 Dollhouse Creator Joss Whedon 'Can't Fight the Funny'
01-12 Heath Ledger, Wall-E Win Golden Globe
01-11 24 Blowback: Action Clicks as Clock Ticks on Season 7 01-12-09 through 01-16-09

01-08 Movies in Theaters This Week (Jan. 9)
01-07 Terminator's McG to Remake 20,000 Leagues
Oscar Love for Dark Knight, Hellboy II
01-06 Anatomy of a Scream: Bugging Out in The Unborn 01-05-09 through 01-09-09

WIRED.COM 2008 12-31-08
12-31 2009 Movie Guide: Where the Wild Films Are 12-22-08 through 12-23-08
12-23 Review: The Flesh Is Willing but The Spirit Is WeakSuperhero Flicks Make Oscar Visual Effects Short List
Movies in Theaters This Week (Dec. 25)
12-22 Fox Greenlights Manhattan Werewolves Dramedy, Bitche 12-15-08 through 12-19-08
12-18 Movies in Theaters This Week (Dec. 19)
12-17 12-17 Timecrimes Director Masters Creepy Sci-Fi on a Shoestring
12-15 Terminator 5 Already in Motion 12-08-08 through 12-12-08
12-12 Review: The Day the Earth Stood Still Takes a Tumble
Superhero Flicks Make Oscar Visual Effects Short List
12-11 From Hulk to Gort, Monster Man Gets Creative With Creatures
12-10 Movies in Theaters This Week (Dec. 12)
12-09 Creepy Joker Music Explained on Dark Knight DVD
12-08 Twilight Sequel Moves Ahead, Without Director
Rare Sci-Fi Movie Props Hit Auction Block

p> 12-01-08 through 12-05-08
12-05 An Injection of Hard Science Boosts TV Shows' Prognosis
12-04 The Office's Krasinski Bringing Hideous Men to Sundance
Freaky Alien Flick They Live May Live Again
12-03 Movies in Theaters This Week (Dec. 5)
Duchovny Back for More Californication
Quantum of Solace Breaks Bond Box Office Record
12-02 Sci Fi Channel Greenlights Caprica Series
12-01 Street Artists Launch DIY Vid Series
Wanted DVD Package Spills Action Secrets 11-24-08 through 11-28-08
11-26 14 Reasons to Be Grateful This Thanksgiving
11-25 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Nov. 26)
Roll-Outs Keep Coming for Web-Based Series
11-24 Blowback: Is 24: Redemption Worth the Wait ?
Huge Twilight Box Office Points to Sequels 11-17-08 through 11-21-08
11-20 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Nov. 21)
11-19 Sharp-Eyed Moviegoers Spy Bond Bloopers
J.J. Abrams and His Stars Talk Trek
11-18 Fancy 300 DVD Set Paves Way for More Toga Movies
11-17 Twilight Taps Teen Vampire Tales for Silver Screen
Del Toro to Remake Pinocchio
Quantum of Solace Breaks Bond Box Office Record 11-10-08 through 11-14-08
11-14 Bond Blowback: 007 Fans Weigh In on Quantum of Solace
Review: Gervais Gets Raunchy for Big Laughs in HBO Special
11-13 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Nov. 14)
Smackdown: Life on Mars vs. Eleventh Hour
Cartoonist Pictures Obama as Spock, McCain as Kirk
11-12 Review: Quantum of Solace: Bad Title, Good Bond
11-11 Mayor of Batman Sues Dark Knight Producers
11-10 YouTube to Stream MGM's Full-Length Oldies
Wolf Man Director Takes on Captain America 11-03-08 through 11-07-08
11-07 Spielberg and Will Smith May Redo Bloody Oldboy
11-06 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Nov. 7)
11-05 Battlestar Galactica Props Hit Auction Block
11-04 5 Badass Hollywood Presidents
11-03 Heroes Producers Get the Ax 10-27-08 through 10-31-08
10-31 Videogame Engines Drive Machinima Filmfest
10-30 Sam Mendes to Direct Graphic Preacher
10-29 New 3-D Theater Setup Amplifies the Action in Hollywood
Movies: In Theaters This Week (Oct. 31)
10-28 Ray-Gun Maestro Zaps Steampunk Conventionbr /> 10-20-08 through 10-24-08
10-24 Saw's Gory Gadgets Catapult Creator Into Director's Chair
Jules Verne Fest Salutes Galactica, Planet of the Apes
10-23 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Oct. 23)
10-22 Trick or Treaters Dig Joker, House Bunny 10-21 Dead Space Launches Webisode Finale
10-20 Dark Knight Dominates Scream Awards
Horror Fest Slices Movies Into 66-Second Shorts 10-13-08 through 10-17-08
10-17 Max Payne Movie Tries To Beat Videogame Curse
YouTube Streams Free Feature-Length Film, Princess of Nebraska
10-15 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Oct. 17)
Heroes' Hayden Drops F-Bomb on McCain
Prototype This Wizards Tame Road Rage With Smart Cars
10-14 Heroes' Hayden Drops F-Bomb on McCain
10-13 Trick or Treaters Dig Joker, 'House Bunny'br /> Review: Light Touch Works for My Own Worst Enemy 10-06-08 through 10-10-08
10-10 Mammoth Matrix DVD Set Packs 35 Hours of Bonuses
Josh 'W.' Brolin May Play Comic Book Hero Jonah Hex
10-09 Sci Fi Channel Travels to Past for 2009 Movies
Rufus Sewell Channels Brainy Biophysicist for Eleventh Hour
10-08 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Oct. 10)
10-07 Sticker Bomb Book Peels Off World of Decal Art
Hulu Streams Feature-Length Bush Documentary, Crawford
10-06 Director Nolan Re-Upping for Dark Knight Sequel?
Stan Winston's 'Legacy' May Include Green Lantern 09-29-08 through 10-03-08
10-03 AMC Mines Red Mars for New Sci-Fi Series
10-02 Star Trek Writers Brace for Impact
Movies: In Theaters This Week (Oct. 3)
Fringe Goes the Distance as Fox Orders Full Season
10-01 Batman Sidekick Robin Gets TV Pilot

09-30 Anime's Hell Girl Comes to American TV 09-29 Branagh May Direct Marvel's Thor 09-22-08 through 09-26-08
09-26 Santos' Geek Superhero Shines at Fantastic Fest
Review: Eagle Eye Spies Thrills in Surveillance Hell
Buffy's Gellar Tabbed for HBO Dramedy Wonderful
09-25 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Sept. 26)a>
09-24 Geeks Who Dress Like a Dorks On-Screen (but Still Look Cool)
09-22 Review: Heroes Girds for Grim Third Season 09-15-08 through 09-19-08
09-19 Festival Hands Out Real Money for Fake Trailer
09-18 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Sept. 19)
09-17 Critics Kill Buzz for Cronenberg's Fly Opera
09-16 Iron Man: Fast Friends Webcomic Launching
09-15 Doc Profiles Watchmen Creator Alan Moore 09-08-08 through 09-12-08
09-12 Digital Art Illuminates Minitek Festival
Sackhoff Scores New Crime Drama
09-11 Outer Space Art: The Invasion
09-10 Movies: In Theaters This Week (Sept. 12)
Review: Dim Bulbs Light Up Burn After Reading
09-09 Fringe Blowback: Share Your Take on J.J. Abrams' New Show
09-08 More Spider-Man for Maguire and Raimi 09-02-08 through 09-07-08
09-07 Two-Headed Brain Trust Injects Fear Into Fringe

09-04 Abrams on Fringe: Science, Conspiracies and 'The Pattern'
09-03 Film Fest Aims to 'Impact' Convention-Goers's Picks From Filminute's Microvideo Short-List
Filminute's Attack of the International Supershorts 08-25-08 through 08-29-08
08-29 Superheroes Stoke Hot Summer Box Office

08-28 Babylon A.D.: Add Another Mangled Movie to the List
08-26 Lonelygirl15 Team Launches Sci-Fi Resistance
08-25 Obama Art Springs Eternal in Denver, Online
Lost Brings Back Michelle Rodriguez
Filminute's Attack of the International Supershorts

Fringe Rocks Fox
J.J. Abrams and Company Deliver the Thrills (Wired Magazine Playlist: September 2008) 08-18-08 through 08-22-08
08-23 Z Rock's Metalheads Mine Kiddie Gigs for Laugh
08-22 Strange and Stranger Salutes Spider-Man Artist Steve Ditko
08-21 Arnold's Voice in Terminator? Maybe, Says Producer
Hobbit Watch: Jackson and del Toro Will Adapt Tolkien In-House
08-18 Cryptozoo Crew 'Cryptids' Leap From Comics to Movies 08-11-08 through 08-16-08
08-15 Indie Film Fest Lets Attendees Pick the Screenings
08-14 We Are Wizards Digs Into Harry Potter Subculture
08-12 Incredible Hulk Writer Sets Sail With Argonauts
Rosario Dawson's Gemini Division Is Set for Web Debut
08-11 Dark Knight Primed to Topple Star Wars

Lautner Futurist Chemosphere John Lautner Exhibition Showcases Visionary Futurist (Wired Magazine Playlist, August 2008) 08-04-08 through 08-09-08
08-09 DIY Filmmaker Wins Big With Midnight Kiss
08-08 Fall TV Preview: Time Travel, Vampires and Weird Science
08-07 Make a Porno Actress Takes on Laura Bus
Franco Blowing Smoke on Superbad/Pineapple Express Mashup?
08-04 Miki Falls Manga Headed for Movie Screens 07-28-08 through 08-01-08
08-01 Prince of Persia Picture Bumped a Year
07-31 Spider-Man Nemesis Venom May Get Spinoff
07-29 Swarm of Angels Posts Open-Source Movie Trailer
07-28 Spacey Searches for Undiscovered Comic Artists 07-21-08 through 07-25-08
07-25 Jon Heder To Play Online Zombie
RoboCop Back on the Beat
GoAnimate Leashes Underdog for D.I.Y. Site
07-24 Q&A: Baghead Filmmakers Dig D.I.Y. Horror
07-22 Q&A: X-Files' Chris Carter Talks Paranoia, Secrecy and the Element of Surprise
Futuristic Design Drives 'Giant Robots in a Lazy River' Project
C-3PO Flash Drive Takes Its Bow at Comic-Con
07-21 Lost Producers Talk Season Five
Sci Fi Channel Revs Up New Slate 07-14-08 through 07-18-08
07-18 Comics-Based Movies Keep on Comin'
07-16 Joker Plays the Wild Card in Dazzling Dark Kni ght
Mark Cuban to Show New Movies on TV Before Theatrical Release
07-15 Terminator Talent Talks Up New Sarah Connor Season
Fox TV Boss Previews Sci-Fi Roster
Posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger's Joker Performance 07-07-08 through 07-11-08
07-11 Brilliant 'UFO' Controlled Remotely by SMS
Ricky Gervais Swerves Right for Stand-Up Special
Elvis Costello Aims for Truth as Talk Show Host
Josh Hartnett Revisits Dot-Com Meltdown in August
07-10 n/a
07-09 Art Geek Creates 3-D on a Shoestring
Mark Cuban to Show New Movies on TV Before Theatrical Release
07-07 Hellboy's Mike Mignola Talks 'Language of Monsters 06-30-08 through 07-03-08
07-03 Fincher Brings Goon Comic to Big Screen
Review: Portman Peps Up Sluggish My Blueberry Nights
07-02Ferrell, Cohen Re-Team in Sherlock Holmes Movie
07-01 Skype's Viral Laughter Chain Showcases Video Giggle
Lost's Fox May Play Reformed Assassin
Tarantino Talks a Blue Streak on Inglorious Bastards
06-30 300 Producer Plans Another Spartan Movie 06-23-08 through 06-27-08
06-27 Secrets of Wanted's Insane Action
TurnHere Points Video Makers Toward Paycheck
Anime Fest to Include World's Biggest Blogger
Invisible Hand Readies Alien Conspiracy Comic Serpo
06-26 Review: Angelina Jolie Speed-Races Through Wanted's Sexy Violence
06-24 Animator's Crazy Creatures Inhabit Natural History Museum Show
Nike Billionaire to Break Ground on New Animation Studio
06-23 Godzilla Producer Gets Small for Amnesia 'Microseries' Blank Slate

The Art of the Flash Drive
Designer "Mimibot" Packed with Goodies (Wired Magazine: July.08n/a online) 06-16-08 through 06-20-08
06-20 Get Smart Gets Goofy Gadgets
Bonking Ben Affleck Auteur Gets Feature Deal
Movie Editing Contest: Cut It Your Way
Comedy Central Launches Web Shorts Freak Show
TV Review: Incredible Hulk Is a Handsome Hunk of Mayhem
06-19 Hellboy II, Jolie's Wanted Debut at Los Angeles Film Festival
Wizard World Loads Up On Comics
06-18 J.J. Abrams To Make Movie About Fantastical New York Apartment
Greek Comic Book Artist Lands Last Call Movie Deal"
06-17 Sci-Fi Fans Name Best TV Shows, Movies and Books"
Iron Man, Spidey Movies Move Forward
06-16 The Happening: Science Fact or Science Fiction?
Downey May Saddle Up for Sci-Fi Western a>
Special-Effects Pioneer Stan Winston Dies at 62 06-09-08 through 06-13-08
06-13 Box Office Battle: Hulk vs. Happening
TV Review: Incredible Hulk Is a Handsome Hunk of Mayhem
06-11 Battlestar Bikers Helfer and Sackhoff Hit the Road
Crunchyroll Site Rolls Out the Anime
Harrison Ford's New Gig? Maverick Scientist
06-10 Iron Man, Spidey Movies Move Forward
06-09 DiCaprio to Play Nolan Bushnell in Atari
Blobwall Bubbles Over at L.A. Art Gallery
Stan Lee Speaks in Comic Books Unbound 06-02-08 through 06-06-08
06-06 Doctor Who Sidekick Now Plays Sex Worker
One-Eyed Robot Competes With Funny Frog for Student Oscars
06-05 TV Commercial Whiz to Direct Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead >
Brave New World Next for Ridley Scott?
06-04 Peter Jackson's "Weta Cave" Opens for Business
Hulk Producer Launches Final Orbit
Bryce Dallas Howard in Terminator 4? To Be Decided
06-03 Alfred 'Doc Ock' Molina Joins Prince of Persia Movie
Another Hole in the Head Fest Showcases Women of Sci-Fi
How Juno Spoofers Won MTV's Golden Popcor n
06-02 Depp as Vamp? Tim Burton Probes Dark Shadows
Star Trek Trio Makes Biggest Trek of All 06-02-08 through 06-06-08
06-06 Doctor Who Sidekick Now Plays Sex Worker
One-Eyed Robot Competes With Funny Frog for Student Oscars
06-05 TV Commercial Whiz to Direct Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead >
Brave New World Next for Ridley Scott?
06-04 Peter Jackson's "Weta Cave" Opens for Business
Hulk Producer Launches Final Orbit
Bryce Dallas Howard in Terminator 4? To Be Decided
06-03 Alfred 'Doc Ock' Molina Joins Prince of Persia Movie
Another Hole in the Head Fest Showcases Women of Sci-Fi
How Juno Spoofers Won MTV's Golden Popcor n
06-02 Depp as Vamp? Tim Burton Probes Dark Shadows
Star Trek Trio Makes Biggest Trek of All 05-27-08 through 05-30-08
05-30 TV's Movie Spoof-O-Rama Peaks Sunday
Lost Co-Producer Adapts Comic Book as a Marvel Movie
05-29 Big Fantastic's Short Shooters Talk Fast
Sci Fi Channel Goes After Gamers With Fidgit
05-28 Virtuality Casts James D'Arcy as Outer Space Shrink
Rival Networks Flatter Lost With Sincere Imitations
05-27 Hobbit Watch: Filmmakers Chat 2-Picture Plan While Legal Action Looms
Incredible Hulk Director Cuts to the Chase
The Next Spider-Man: Maybe Patrick Fugit? 05-19-08 through 05-23-08
05-23 X-Men Director Cranks Up Guitar Hero Ads
Lost Co-Producer Adapts Comic Book as a Marvel Movie
05-22 High Hopes for Indy 4 (but It Won't Beat Spider-Man 3)
Sam Raimi Gets Wizardly in New Zealand
M. Night Shyamalan's New Trailer
3-D Champion James Cameron: My Avatar Rocks
05-21 The Simpsons Get Green for Krustyland Ride
Hollywood Lift-Off for Flash Gordon
05-20 Pac-Man the Movie Moves Forward
Review: Indiana Jones Hits the Mark
05-19 X-Men Invade San Francisco

Hell Boy II: Art of the Movie
Book Captures Mike Mignola Sketches for del Toro's Visionary Sequel (Wired Magazine: June.08) / / printer-friendly 05-12-08 through 05-16-08
05-16 22-Year Old Mississippi Brainiac Wins $100,000 in Jeopardy
King of the Hill's Judge Curates Freaky Animation DVD
X-Files Scribe Switches to Superhero Mode for Hancock
05-15 Woo-hoo! Simpsons' Krusty Gets His Own Roller Coasters
Jack's Back: 24 Returns in November
05-14 Hobbit Watch: Jackson, del Toro to Chat With Fans
Lonelygirl15 Creators Team With CBS
Doc Tells "Real" Crystal Skull Story
05-13 Ex-South Park Boss Seeks Funny Shorts at Inkubation
CBS' New Sci-Fi Series Elemental Tackles Weird Phenomena
Scan This: Art Imitates Tech in Surveillance Show
05-12 Witchblade Publisher Cuts Movie Deal
Box Office: Iron Man Stomps Speed Racer

Ridley Scott Produces Andromeda Strain 05-05-08 through 05-09-08
05-09 Oscar-winner John Gaeta Explains Speed Racer Effects
Festival Hosts Psyched for Global Chatter
Pangea Day Globe-Cast Celebrates Virtual Culture
Lost's Fox Fills Keanu Reeves' Helmet in Speed Racer
Teen Superhero Academies Popping Up All Over
05-08 Free Gum Used as Bribe to Stop Uwe Bol
MTV to Honor Top Online Movie Spoofers
Kids' DIY Raiders Remake Hits Hollywood at Last
11-Year-Old Snags Speed Racer Exclusives
05-07 Review: Surreal Speed Racer Doses NASCAR With Anime>br /> Trailer Trash and Mini Movie Masterpieces Face Judgment
05-06 Green Porno Star Isabella Rossellini Takes on Insect Sex
Family Guy Guy Cuts Sweet Deal
05-05 Chris Carter Picks Favorites for New X-Files DVD
Iron Man Sequel? Of Course 04-28-08 through 05-02-08
05-02 21-Year Old Sci Fi Londoner Wins $1 Million Film Deal
J.J. Abrams Promises to Re-invent Star Trek
05-01 Summer Movie Guide: Superheroes, Sequels and More
World's Best Screamers Win $250
04-30 Review: Iron Man a New High for Robert Downey Jr
04-29 DNA Yields Hyper-Tiny Origami Art at MOMA
04-28 Online Film School + iTunes = Crowdsourced DVD Extras 04-21-08 through 04-25-08
04-23 Blair Witch Director Sets Thriller in Afghanistan
Frank Sin City Miller likes his Actin hard Boiled
04-22 Moon Bloodgood Looking Good for Terminator 4
Arrested Development Maestro Gets Animated
04-21 Ex-Fox Boss Scouts New Talent at
Hobbit Watch: Del Toro May Decide by Friday

Bomb It!
Doc Shines light on Global Graffiti (Wired Magazine: May.08 n/a online) 04-14.08 through 04-18-08
04-18 Forget Friction: Norton Says He's Happy With Hulk
BSG Co-Creator to Write Sci Fi Trilogy
04-17 First Look: Speed Racer Zips in Candy-Color
NBC Web Series Snags Rosario Dawson
04-16 Star Trek Team Tackles Atlantis Rising
Milla Makes a Thriller
04-15 Spielberg to Make a 3-D Ghost in the Shell
Arrested Development Maestro Gets Animated
04-14 GoslingGreat in Lars and the Good Girl
Indy 4 Star Takes Smart Pill for Dark Fields

Battlestar Galactica Star Tricia Helfer
Q + A With Sci-Fi Sex Robot ( 04.03.08 | | printer-friendly version)

Battlestar Galactica First Look
Fourth and Final Season Kicks off With a Bang ( 04.04.08 | | printer-friendly version)

How MIT Geeks Conquered Vegas
Real Life Card Shark Jeff Ma Talks 21, Hollywood's Take on His Life as a Blackjack Genius(Wired News: 03.27.08 | | printer-friendly version)

Paranoid Park Meets MySpace
Gus Van Sant Uses Web to Cast Surfkid Drama (Wired News: 03.14.08 | | printer-friendly version)



WIRED NEWS 05-14 THRU 05-18-07
18 YouTube's "Loca" Gets Her Own Network Show | MPAA Spanks Camcorder Pirates | Cuban Re-visits Triple Platform Parker Posey Picture  | 17 Hobbit, Penguin, Iggy: Elijah Moves On |Judge Rules: Embarrassing Sex Diary? Not Wonkette's Fault | 16 Cannes Shorts Get Some Love | Honda Backs Fall Out Boy | Frank Miller Directs Graphic "Spirit" | 15  Amanda Tapping Webisodes Tap Stargate Fan Base | Pirates 3: First Look | 14 NBC Adapts Brit Geek Comedy | "Transformers" Director Makes Games for Digital Domain

WIRED NEWS 05-07-07 THRU 05-11-07
11 Unknown Auteurs Get Their Shot On The Lot | IFC Webisodes: Psycho Killer Still Lives With Mom | 10 MPAA to Filmmakers: Thank You for Not Smoking | Terminator 4: Let the Casting Begin | 09 Natalie Portman: Dear Video Diary? | National Lampoon Gets Drunk (University) | Spider-Man Text-o-Rama | 08 Elvis Webcasts From Letterman Stage | 07 | Sam Raimi to Make "The Hobbit," Spidey Four? Maybe, Maybe Not | Saw Producers Skip Theaters, Go Direct to Web with Next Movie | Today's Thesis Films: Tomorrow's Hits? | Shrek 3: First Look | 06 Critic-Proof Spider-Man 3 Breaks Box Office Records

Sam Raimi Geeks Out on Spider-Man

WIRED NEWS 04-30-07 THRU 05-04-07
04 Robot Lawnmowers: No Sweat, No Hands, No Emissions | Frogs Gone Wild in "Paprika" |   03 Spider-Man 3 Box Office: How Much, How Soon?    |  Pretty Woman + South Park Equals Giant Monsters Attack Japan! | 01 Vintage 360 - Degree Camera Rig Shoots Drive Series  Maguire and Letterman, Together Again | 30 Rat Spots on American Idol
04-23-07 THRU 04-27-07
27 Blogging Juror Nixes Will & Grace Trial | Artist Boss Launches Uber | 26 Charlie Rose Archives Online, Free | Novel Approach for Command & Conquer | 25 Whee! Interactive Designers Storm London | Tobey Maguire Snubs Letterman | 24 X-Files Sequel Inching Forward | Seduce a Celeb Goes Online | Star Wars 30th Anniversary Screening
WIRED NEWS 04-16-07 THRU 04-20-07
20 Spider-Man 3: First Look | 19 Pearl McKay: Baby Landlord | 18 Jennifer Love Hewitt Speed Painting Takes Off | Beyond Ringtones? Flycell Takes a Shot | 17 AfterWorld Aims for internet, mobile + games | Edgy Cable Producers Launch WOW TV | 16 Kasdan Reworks "Titans" | Big Brother Goes Virtual